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With our years of experience, we are asked lots of questions around what is needed in a conversion, so we thought it would be a good idea to answer these questions here...

What is the best way to power my new unit?

The answer is, whatever suits you best!

We will guide you through LPG appliances VS electrical appliances and find out what solution works best for you.

If you already have secured a permanent pitch or you have a regular pitch which allows access to mains electric, our units come with a 32-amp supply as standard.

You can use a generator with your unit, LPG generators or diesel generators are the ones you need to be looking at. Not sure which one you need? the best place to start is to decide what electrical appliances you plan to use in your unit, that gives you enough information to purchase the right generator for you and your business.

Not too keen on either of the above? No problem, we have experience in installing batteries into our conversions. Give us a call or drop us a message to discuss how you can be completely self-sufficient when trading.

Where’s the best place for support as a mobile trader?

Check out the team over at NCASS, they are the Nationwide Caterers Association. Our experience tells us that this place is the best place to start! Visit the site with the link below:

Can I tow my trailer with my license?

This link should give you all of the information you require.

One sink or two?!

As standard we will provide you with two sinks. If you would like to save space and are unsure if your new mobile bar requires that second sink, we would suggest to speak with your local EHO.

NCASS have a helpful page to answer all EHO related questions:

How do I take care of my trailer if it’s kept outside?

We would always recommend a cover for your trailer when it’s not in use. A quick google search will find you a great value universal cover for a double trailer. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can always help!

Where do I go to service my trailer?

We can do that for you! Head over to our to check out our servicing offers and costs.

How do I get started?

This one is super easy, contact us here for a no obligation quote and we can answer any other question you may have!

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